Answering the questions you are afraid to ask

Honest talk about grief, loss, and death

Our first episode airs February 1st!

Our first episodes

Mysticism, and how we talk to the dead

Our show kicks off with an honest discussion about how we continue to contact and ask for signs from the people we have lost.

Owning a mortuary, and coping with loss

One half of a father-daughter team of morticians joins us to talk about her work in a mortuary as she comes to terms with her own anticipatory loss

Talking with children about grief

We dive in to how and why we should talk to kids about grief, and discuss why talking to kids about grief makes us so uncomfortable.

Dating after partner loss

What is it like finding love again after losing a partner. We get the honest scoop about what it is like to date as a widow.

Infertility, IVF, and grieving potential futures

How do we find joy and happiness in the midst of all of the emotions that come with IVF, infertility, and the future we imagine. 

Grieving identity loss and religious trauma

How does our upbringing affect our sense of identity, and how do we grieve that identity loss when we feel disconnected from those teachings.

About the host

Tess got her start in the “grief space” after her father suddenly passed away in 2020. She founded Upsprout, the first subscription box service designed to support grieving folks, later the same year. 


Being a grieving person herself, she became acutely aware of how uncomfortable many are around topics of grief, loss, and death. She believes that this needs to change.



Her goal is to demystify this part of the life cycle, and shed light on topics that others are too afraid to touch. She values an approach that is heart-centered and honest, with just a sprinkle of dark humor when appropriate.

We want to hear from you!

This podcast is a space to ask the hard questions that you have been afraid to ask. All questions will remain anonymous as we address them on the show. This is a judgment-free space. We are here to shine a light on the mysteries around grief, loss, and death.

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