Hi there! Im Tess.

Im an eternal optimist and busybody who is always getting into something new. I was born in a rural town in Missouri where I would spend long days playing with hay and getting baked by the sun. Now, I live in a sleepy mountain town and spend a lot of early mornings watching the mountain peaks burn bright red as finches build their nests outside our front door.

I have traveled the world and lived out of a backpack. I am a published poet and writer. I’m an aspiring homesteader, entrepreneur, artist, book nerd, and a mother to one sweet little sprout we call Baby Blue.

In one serendipitous moment, it occurred to me that what I know right now about traveling the world did not come out of nowhere. It came from a really special mix of my dad’s very best advice, and my own journey. It came from taking risks, making mistakes, and getting lost. I saw an opportunity to share what I have learned to encourage others to get out and take that first step – to make traveling dreams come true and quench that wanderlust. 

Why “Fortune and Bravery?” I stumbled across these words in one of those sort of fated moments where you find exactly what you need. In its original form, the Latin Proverb states that, “Fortune favors the brave.” I come back to these words often in the moments where I am struggling to know which way to turn or doubting my intuition. It is a reminder that if you let that fire in your belly burn bright, great things are possible.

I’m grateful to be exactly where I am at this very moment. Thank you for being here too.

Let’s build something together.


Let’s build something together.